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"Life's is not about how hard you hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward"
I am Natalia's daddy! My latest happenings as well as my lil' girls happenings will be posted here as I live them.

I like to read science fiction, fantasy as well as classics and comics. Always looking for recommendations. Like to play video games and board games. Love to watch old movies and shows, as I find them relaxing and entertaining. Last but not least. like to feed the birds and do some gardening.

Proud to be a US Navy Corpsman veteran and part of the Southwest Region Funeral Honor Guard. Served in OEF attached to EMF Great Lakes, OHSU (EMF) Camp Pendleton Delta Detachment and now Volunteer Training Unit 1910

" . . . and on the 8th day the Lord created the Corpsman and the Devil stood at attention."

"In proportion as he simplifies his life, the laws of the universe will appear less complex . . ."

"Tell your story. That's the secret of immortality. The one true way to live forever. "

"We live as we dream. Alone"

"Courage is being scared to death...and saddling up anyway."

"Needling is what I do"

November 24, 2016

Glad I'm Home

Still here, finishing a Thanksgiving day with Natalia and my parents and thanking for being able to be part of the US Navy memorial honor detail. Another big decision to make here in the next month and one I hope I am able to make. Thus far it has been very busy with services nearly daily and I am blessed to be able to do this for the families and the honor to be able to present the flag to these families.

"Memories and possibilities are even more hideous than realities."

- H.P. Lovecraft

Halloween went well with Natalia as it started that Friday and went on until Halloween Day. A small local fun house Friday and the big local town festival on Saturday. I was lucky to be invited to walk the neighborhoods close to Natalia's school with a nice group of kids and parents. It was a very "productive" night and like last year we will sit on this candy for a year. We are not big candy eaters. It worked out to end the night close to where she was staying and not too cold outside.

Natalia just last week earned a trophy as the one in her class that has read the most library books (108 books). Her Mom was impressed but not me, as she already has finished her first real chapter book (120+ pages) a few weeks back and reading another one not to mention the many more books with me here. She is advanced in reading and math and has great interest in science.

My grandmother (Natalia's great grandmother) has left for Puerto Rico abut two weeks ago as she was here for a few months. I do hope to see her again and she come again for a few months as it has been happening.

Playing games again and reading hoping to accomplish my reading goal this year, but it looks like I will come up short this year for the first time. Slowly reading the last of the Drizzt novels and in a way trying to get through them before the year is over but inside hoping to drag them out. So I may just jump to another book in the between. Not much comic book reading as I really haven't been dragged into any story lines and the costs were starting to add up. Been playing a few games and waiting for a few more from Santa. Natalia loves playing them with me and I with her as I can see her learning from them so much.

I really don't want to make much of any comments on politics but I will say I was relieved and not surprised that America woke up and wanted a change. We want our country back and our belief system. It kind of angers me those protesting that just days before seemed so docile and peaceful. I know those people were not going to join any branch of service and fight Hillary's wars (Not America's wars). These people would simply sit in their couches again content with corruption and having our live and country sold off. It is me that has to say good bye to my daughter and deal with these problems. One thing many of us have learned is the media cannot be trusted and those that accuse others of something are guilty of doing that which they accuse.

Now we move on towards Christmas and the winter season and waiting for snow as it has yet to make its appearance in town.

October 25, 2016

I'm Still Here

It has been a while since I have put my thoughts here and I can say it has been somewhat stable. Looking forward to Halloween with Natalia and still no solid plans but I am sure it will be great. We have been playing many games as usual and enjoying each others time together. A few weeks ago we celebrated a made up holiday which we called Mustache Day and hope to continue. Fun times taking pictures and making cupcakes and cookies with that theme. Also looking forward to Thanksgiving as I will be with Natalia much more often all the way through Christmas. Time to start Santa's list.

"I never ask a man what his business is, for what I ask him about are his thoughts and dreams."

- H.P. Lovecraft

I have been reading quite a bit lately and have found Ben Bova to be another favorite authors as I devoured two of his books in one week. I really enjoyed the smooth and semi hard science fiction in New Earth and Death Wave. I will be reading other of his titles as the Mars series has gotten good reviews. I also finished R.A. Salvatore's Companions Codex trilogy and looking forward to what may possibly be the last trilogy soon. On a recent trip to my favorite thrift store (Deseret Industries), I found Chocolate Fever, which I remember to be the first chapter book I read and wrote a book report on. As we approach the end of the years, I am on a push as usual to fulfill my yearly goal of reading 30 books (last year I believe was 50)

A few weeks ago as well I received a surprise message from a longtime friend about a 30 years reunion for a cycling group that stared me in the sport. We got together a few weeks later and it was a great time and awesome to see these old faces and my best friend as he made it over from Arizona. Many of these guys have not stopped pedaling since then. I want to thank Steve Driscoll for this and hope we can all do it again in the future. This is a sport that I owe so much to and one that have given me my values and built me in what I am and believe.

Work has been very steady and I still am so blessed to be able to do what I do as it has meaning for me and not some useless job behind a desk or stacking boxes. Every time I have the honor to put on my uniform and honor the life of a hero is a great day for me. However, a few weeks back we had a few family members refuse to stand for Taps and honor their loved one. I know they thought it was "cool" to "protest" but they should have been more informed that the "protest" from some dumb-ass rich guy is for what the flag stands for. But these people decided to disrespects their loved one and out ceremony. My partner as well as I found it unpleasant to say the least.

I do hope to be able to re-enlist again soon to continue to do this even with our very instability in the near future as a nation. I feel we have two clear destinies. One is of clear war and conflict for many years with Hillary Clinton as she continues to profit from conflict and holding many nations with instability with her "donations". I feel we may become a military used by her to profit and use us as a threat, The other with Donald Trump is seeking peace and stability and more concentration on fixing our economy. I work with many that sacrifice their time and sleep to work a full time job and be part of the Memorial Honor Guard and I see how little their normal jobs they make and I know this is the norm. I laugh at those that feel raising the minimum wage is impossible and not deserved, these people are those making much more money in useless jobs pushing paper work. Jobs that can easily go away and mean nothing. Why not earn more profits and increase their salaries and keep those unfortunate living in lower standards? I laugh at those protesting against Trump, an outsider brought in to fix the problem, a person whom employs so many and knows how to fix problems. While the alternative is one whom never worked, let alone produce a single job, unless you count the many fraudulent organizations splitting money around themselves. I better leave this there. We live in a world that is clearly rigged in my opinion and nothing a normal person can do. I simply try to lead a life that means something to me and others and simplify it is a world so needlessly complicated.

September 6, 2016

Much Needed Weekend

This weekend I had Natalia after a long two weeks without her and we stayed up here and played many games and my grandmother (Natalia's great grandmother) even made it up for the day Saturday. All in all it was a much needed long weekend for my soul.

Been playing mainly Runebound and Mansions of Madness alone during the week and painting all the miniatures, but this holiday weekend Natalia was with me again and we played many games and had a great time. Dr. Eureka continues to be a favorite along with Diamonsters and maybe a new one that I have had a while. We tried out Dixit for the first time and it was a hit as even grandpa played, however this is a game best with at least 4 players.

“Financial bitterness could not eat too deeply into Mack and the boys, for they were not mercantile men. They did not measure their joy in goods sold, their egos in bank balances, nor their loves in what they cost.”

- John Steinbeck, Cannery Row

Been a few weeks and I went out both days last weekend on rides and it did me good to keep busy as I didn't have Natalia with me and that is always hard for me. Went out on the mountains on Saturday for a route I haven't done in many many years, up Loch Leven and Angelus Oaks are. Got a short section of the Santa Ana River Trail which beings good memories for me. It was a great outing. The next day a DonkeyLand ride with some special scenery as usual. It will be a few weeks before I will make it out again and looking forward to it as usual to hit the trail.

Finished reading Thunderbird by Jack McDevitt, one of my favorite authors and found the ending not to my liking. Good sequel to his previous story but ended flat. I was a bit disappointed. Decided to jump to another shorter book and a classic one in Cannery Row and almost done and finding it relaxing and a nice insight at the time and area. It felt at times as time traveling to that time and life.

I am finding myself again making changes but minor ones this time. I now have much free time (sometimes a bad thing) and want to start to use it for getting outdoors more with runs and bike rides. I feel I have left that life behind and do not like it. Today I started with "baby steps" in a 5km run. Also would not be a bad thing to find another person to share that with. Sadly most people see working out as walking from the parking lot to the store.

August 15, 2016

1st Grade, Games and Hitting the Dirt

It has been a while and again slow changes for me and I will say life is always interesting to see where it leads me to. Natalia started 1st grade last week and that is very exciting to see her grow and be her father to raise her and teach her and share life with her.

Still paying honors to heroes and I find this still very good to do for me spiritually. Everyday I wake up now wanting to do this honor. I was already approached to maybe take over the coordination as lead Petty Officer for next year and something to think about.

"To be bitter is to attribute intent and personality to the formless, infinite, unchanging and unchangeable void. We drift on a chartless, resistless sea, let us sing when we can and forget the rest."

- H.P. Lovecraft

A few weeks ago I decided to finally take the drive out to Holcomb Valley to see the Gold Fever Trail and it was very nice and relaxing. Well, relaxing once I got to the fire roads, as I managed to take a technical trail worrying me a little of getting stuck or rolled over. Overall it was a great outing ad one I reccomend. My next trip will be down to Pioneertown. Also managed to go for a mountain bike ride twice a few weeks back and that was much needed for my soul. I am very lucky to still have around a few of the people I have grown to like to ride with.

I have decided to re read the classic DragonLance series with its first book, Dragons of Autumn Twilight. This is a real classic that triggered hundreds of similar stories and worlds. That book brought back good memories. Now I moved on to an older story in The Land That Time Forgot. Reading has been slow and hope to find a few captivating books soon. As far as TV, not much as usual but did get hooked in Stranger Things and binged watch all of it and really liked the story.

Natalia and I have been playing a few new games and having fun. Natalia has been liking Trekking the National Parks and we have been playing that every weekend along with Survive! and the new expansion with the Squids. Myself  have been playing a few games as well and bought a few more games this week (bad habit). Runebound spent a week on my table and now Specter Ops with a solo app (BoardBuddys) and soon Mansions of Madness I am sure will take up much of my time.

July 10, 2016

Hiking & Feeling Nature

I spent the 4th of July weekend hiking with Natalia and Yuli. We finally found the Coyote Rock Trail I have been looking for and even hiked it a few more times that week. Natalia took her camera and took some good pictures. I can already see she has an eye for the landscape and nature shots. I went out 2 more times alone with Yuli and covered the whole trail left of the fork and connects to Exploration Trail which I am familiar with. Was hoping for a 6+ mile hike one day but Yuli was not feeling it. I have one more part to explore on that trail and I will have covered every branch on it.

My current job is going well and every day I am proud to do it and have the opportunity to do it. More and more I am in charge of the detail and find honor in that role.

"I hope I shall always possess . . .virtue enough to maintain . . . the character of an honest man."

- George Washington

Natalia this week read to me her first chapter book (In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories) and I was so happy and proud she wanted to read it. She also has an even longer one she started to read at night and mark the pages as she goes through the story just like me, as she says, every night (The Haunted Library). Still very slowly reading Eon and hoping to finish this week. The story has not grasped my attention but I always push through. As far as comic books, still showing interest in the new Civil War II story line and Batman Master Race has been good thus far. Board games are still my new addiction and have acquired a few more and some Natalia enjoys to play as we try to get a few in every day I am with her. Still painting miniatures as I find it relaxing and a way to spice up my games on the table.

BEGIN RANT ---> The hate keeps going with this administration and it shows signs of getting worse. I feel it will get worse until elections. Racism is alive and well and very profitable for the many NGOs and non profits. Many of us finally saw this week how and why the FBI operates and maybe soon it will open even more eyes (Orlando is a clear case being brushed under the rug as the FBI knew of this individual, gave him clearance and during the situation it is clear things got worse when they got involved later that morning. Not to mention the editing and hiding of the 911 calls). Not only is there a double standard but even their role is facilitating these "mass shootings" by not stopping but providing a venue and resources. Are they the real agency used to spread hatred and violence? The hatred spreading by this administration towards law enforcement is amazing down to the president downright not being present for honors but yet require security himself. As a veteran myself I have seen the negative treatment received by the county as they feel any veteran or even anyone affiliating themselves with the military, is "bad" and violent and should be seen as such.

Sometimes I feel maybe the police should only patrol and secure those areas voted on and those that feel they don't want, to not be secured. Let those areas suffer the consequences and chaos caused by those few. We can then clearly see the benefit. Moreover, I see more and more the disrespects this generation has towards and rules. I will be the first to say I do not like supervision or big government in our house, but I can see how law enforcement has a real hard job when their lives are threatened often and they have to make a decision for their safety and far too many times their lives. Why do these individuals risk life and career to help? Of course like with people in general there are "bad ones" but this I feel is such a minor occurrence that can be corrected of again we didn't have so much political correctness. ----> END RANT

June 28, 2016

Where Have You Been?

It has been a while and in that time I took a quick road trip to southern Utah. The drive out was overnight and I was amazed to drive down Las Vegas Strip to find it empty that time of night, but more amazing were the views at sunrise as we entered Utah. I will say God spent some extra time in in this part of the world.

I am still honoring fallen heroes in the funeral honor detail. I will say this is a very rewarding job that cannot really be described but I am very lucky to have the chance to do. I do not sit in front of a computer or sell merchandise. I do not make $1000s or are seen as a successful person in today's world that is measured by pay. I am blessed to be allowed to honor heroes and their families for their courageous, faithful and honorable service. This honor can never be purchased but earned and witnessed by those few.

"A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?"

- Robert Heinlein

Father's day came and went and it was a very nice afternoon with Natalia and my parents as we celebrated two fathers that day. Also during the past month since the last post Natalia finished kindergarten and received some awards for her advanced skills. That is no surprise to me,

My latest hobby has been me getting back into miniature painting. So far I am enjoying it and getting techniques down to make my miniatures game look better on the table. As with all my hobbies they take a toll in the wallet. I also finally managed to make it out for a Sunday mountain bike ride this past Sunday and as always great company but a bit warm.

Still slowly reading The Perils of Peace and also Eon. I will say my reading this past month has slowed down much. On the comic books, thus far Civil War 2 is not bad but as with all these big events, they start with a "punch" and tend to fade away quick.

Rant: I want to take this time to point out a recent even not much talked about here but one that is of great importance and that would be the recent Brexit vote for Great Britain to leave the EU. It is amazing how people forget WWII where Great Britain was a great power in the war against Germany and now Germany takes over all Europe. We still have WWII veterans in Great Britain that remember very clearly the war and have to sit back and be taken over. I am glad Great Britain decided to no longer put up with the many leashes Germany had over them. Ironically we did the same over 200 years ago and now we must stand and cheer for them in their time. So many "experts" claim they can't make it. How? The EU is just a recent "government" and all European countries did fine alone before. This is clearly an experiment in a "One World Government" and it shows that the many restraints put on its people will not be accepted.

May 22, 2016

A Great Visit

Another awesome days with Natalia and a good week. Friday Natalia and I went to see my grandmother (Natalia's great grandmother) for a few hours and she still looks the same as good as years prior. I hope she remains in California much longer to see her more often. Natalia enjoyed herself playing in the many unique musical instruments my uncle has in his house.

This weekend I kept this new tradition of dressing up our desert in a fun way with toys and a theme. This week Hulk decided to "Hulk Stomp" our pie (pictured), while the next day some Lego soldiers were caught stealing some mini eclairs. Also Natalia received some great Star Wars toys and a very nice book from someone at church that knows she loves that stuff. She was gifted Ukulele Jim: The Jumping Flea Circus by friend and illustrator of the book, Patrick Scullin.

Finished reading Forever Free and I knew going in that it was not a great story but wanted to read it for myself. Not even close to the great Forever War story. Now to decide what book will be my next read. Either more American history, science fiction or fantasy? On the comic book front, this week Civil War II started and thus far the first book is not bad.

"I don't need a mirror to see how I look, long ago, I realized the inner self is visible if you present yourself truthfully and authentically."

This past week I have been playing two main games over and over again. I have been hooked to the Lord of the Rings LCG and Elder Sign. This week looking forward to the new Warhammer Quest Silver Tower game which I pre-order and will cost me a pretty penny.

My current work has been very rewarding for me and one I have pleasure doing as it helps my in many levels. A job I hope now to continue to do for years to come if able. I still need more services to put myself at ease with the routines.

Check out Marvel's Civil War II event.

May 15, 2016

Honor and Freedom?

I have been slowly getting adjusted to my new routine with the U.S. Navy Funeral Honor Guard and finally have a job I am proud of and having the honor to do. Getting used to the procedures and still meeting new people whom are also part of this honorable detail.

As usual Natalia wants to stay home and come straight home to relax and play. Lately, Play-Doh is her favorite and she is getting good at making many things. Also still getting many games to the table with her and by myself when she is not with me. Lately I am getting into the Lord of the Rings LCG game until the many cool games I am looking forward to playing get released. So many cool games slated for release this year.

I do not watch many movies or television at all lately but watched the Deapool movie this past week and I had no real hopes for it and was surprised it kept me watching the whole time. I do wish it was more true to his origins.

"We shouldn't be seeking harrowing challenges, but rather tasks we find natural and interesting, tasks we were apparently born to perform"

- Saul Bellow, The Adventures of Augie March

Finished reading an alternate history of John F. Kennedy and it was ok for a book and shows us how much different our world could have been. Now moving on back to sci-fi with Forever Free, a sequel to Forever War which I really liked. This book is not as highly praised but I liked the original story. Not many comic books this month. The new Moon Knight and Old Man Logan still are of interest as well as the Dark Knight Master Race series. Punisher got a new series and very disappointed. Now on to Civil War 2 which I have no idea on the back story and probably won't care much. Marvel has gotten far too politically correct and fallen for all this bullshit this government has caused.

Managed to go out for a mountain bike ride last Sunday with "Oh-Oh" Richie and "Ravioli" Riz and as always a great time. Afterwards hooked up with RC for lunch. I hope to go back out on another ride soon with my people.

Rant: This past week the FDA decided to destroy the cigar industry in the name of protecting the children. Seems any cigar blend after 2007 will be banned in a few weeks. This of course puts the real struggle on the retailers and the consumers now will suffer as we see this administration cutting on our freedom and liberties by restricting what we can consume. Of course the manufacturers will possibly go out of business very fast as so many will have no products to sell. Funny of all is minors don't go to a cigar shop and pay $10+ for a cigar. Never even crossed anyone's mind, but I think the FDA saw this as a profitable way for them to make more money by forcing manufacturers to pay outrageous fees to maybe get their blends approved in 1-2 years. The feel they should take money and maybe or maybe not approve blends, it is their call. Hmmm, can we say bribes are welcomed? What is outrageous is the gateway that is the vaping phenomenon. This of course only affects a tiny sector but what if they decide to tell you what and how much to drink? Oh, sorry New York has that.

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April 24, 2016

Fishing, Gaming, Legos, Oh My!

A great few days with Natalia as usual. Friday was Lego and game night. I made an impromptu "Lego" cake and played with the Lego castle (from my childhood) which took me 2 nights to complete. The castle was being attacked by Stormtroppers but it didn't fall. Later we cleared out the table and played two games from my haul this month. We played Loot N Run, which Natalia liked as well as My First Stone Age. Both great fun quick games that we both enjoyed. Also Blokus was back on the table ad I managed to win one game.

Saturday we woke up late and headed out to the Arrowbear fishing derby, Natalia practiced for hours her casting and we had a great time out there for hours. In the end she won a raffle prize, a Spider-Man fishing pole. As we headed back to the main area I noticed a few people lending a hand to person whom passed out. My corpsman skills were put to the test (not really). As I tend to run across this often. Turns out this person gave blood earlier and didn't hydrate or ate, just downed coffee and "energy" drinks, not a good combination. Soon paramedics were called to write it up.

Earth day was this week as with many made up days. I took this weekend as my weekend to plant a few items around the house and Have Natalia start a bunch of seeds in small containers. I do hope many come up as I don't have much luck.

"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation."

- Henry David Thoreau

Finished reading The Castle  in Transylvania and I rather enjoyed the book. A book published in 1889 which talked about electricity and communications via cable. Now I am back to another Kurt Vonnegut book in Timequake and thus far a good smooth read. On the gaming end this week a few games have hit my big game table. Been playing Suburbia and a fun game to layout and play when bored. Also been playing the new Captain America Legendary set and trying out the new cars and so far rather fun as always.

Natalia lately has been wanting to read to me more and more and Saturday night she read to me Green Eggs and Ham with no problems and emphasizing question and exclamation marks. I am so proud that in a short time she can read so effortlessly.

This past week was my second week as part of the Funeral Honors Guard and still getting into the rhythm and getting used to many of the basic military drills and procedures. I will say thus far I find this very honorable and good for me to be doing. I just hope my pay issues start to get worked out soon, but I know how lazy some are in doing their work.

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April 15, 2016

Continuing To Honor The Uniform

This week was another week of change in my life as I am not doing the job I have been doing the past months as often and having to pick up the slack elsewhere and I started driving Uber and Lyft. I will say it is somewhat of a waste but I will experiment with it in hopes it puts spending cash in my hands for our toys. I laugh as they are doing major recruiting in the area and claiming you can make thousands. Nope. Thus far no bad experiences and everything is nice and smooth. 

Drill weekend don and I had to make the drive both days for medical and our PFA (Physical Fitness Assessment). Hope this one doesn't "get lost". No such thing as honor, courage and commitment by many sailors lately. More like, "I don't care", "Not responsible" or plain old, "I don't want to work". Again this month I see the retirement of two sailors from the unit whom served this country with honor for over 20 years as well as another corpsman I served with in the San Francisco area. I continue to serve and honor our country, uniform, job and tradition. With that being said I finally made the decision to joining the funeral honors detail and have been doing services all week after a quick Navy "left seat/right seat" training. Get the basics down but every service has its challenges and differences. This is something I like as I am able to adapt and have that skill. Also a way for me to still honor the job and inside I feel very good for what I am doing. I hope to very soon get all the aspects down as I hope to do this for years to come if possible. 

"I'm not going to worry anymore; I've done that long enough"

Finished reading the Farmer Boy which is the third book in the Little House on the Prairie novels and thus far it is the least liked one for me. This week I received The Castle in Transylvania, which is a rare translation of a Jules Verne book and Timequake by Kurt Vonnegut and I have high hopes for both these books.

Another few days with Natalia last week and staying home as always with some rainy weather all weekend. Playing inside the house all day and having a great time together playing Legos mainly. 

Don't forget to download the latest No Agenda Show to filter through all the lies and misinformation the mainstream media pumps out there. I can guarantee you will be a much informed, entertained and a happier person for knowing the truth from the Guardians of Reality (John & Adam).