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"Life's is not about how hard you hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward"
I am Natalia's daddy! My latest happenings as well as my lil' girls happenings will be posted here as I live them.

I like to read science fiction, fantasy as well as classics and comics. Always looking for recommendations. Like to play video games and board games. Love to watch old movies and shows, as I find them relaxing and entertaining. Last but not least. like to feed the birds and do some gardening.

Proud to be a US Navy Corpsman veteran and part of the Southwest Region Funeral Honor Guard. Served in OEF attached to EMF Great Lakes, OHSU (EMF) Camp Pendleton Delta Detachment and now Volunteer Training Unit 1910

" . . . and on the 8th day the Lord created the Corpsman and the Devil stood at attention."

"In proportion as he simplifies his life, the laws of the universe will appear less complex . . ."

"Tell your story. That's the secret of immortality. The one true way to live forever. "

"We live as we dream. Alone"

"Courage is being scared to death...and saddling up anyway."

"Needling is what I do"

October 25, 2017

Boo! I'm Here

It has been quite a while since I sat down and put some words here. Much has been happening since the last post. Natalia has been doing great and the same complaints as usual is that I do not see her as often as I would want or she would want but that is life of a single father. I spend ll my days that Natalia is with me at home as she still loves to just be home with me. The park however does have a bit more priority, so we spend a few hours every weekend in the park.

"Anything that just costs money is cheap"

- John Steinbeck

Still playing games with Natalia and getting ready for Halloween. Decorating the house and this year we decided to build a life size scarecrow and had great fun as a family project. This weekend will be great getting Natalia ready for Halloween and participating in the local activities on the mountain.

My reading has slowed down a little as I have been picking some boring books but I always get through. Rarely do I just quit a book and I did a few weeks ago being the first book of no interest. Currently read the Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy and loved continuing the stories in the universe. Also read another Steinbeck novel in Tortilla Flat and liked the setting and characters as his previous books. Went back to classic science fiction and read a HG Wells rare classic, When the Sleeper Wakes and found it pretty good. My big series, The Civil War Battle Series I finished and I will highly recommend that series to anyone. Currently back to reading Civil War fiction in The Battle of the Crater and getting through that book.

“It has always seemed strange to me...The things we admire in men, kindness and generosity, openness, honesty, understanding and feeling, are the concomitants of failure in our system. And those traits we detest, sharpness, greed, acquisitiveness, meanness, egotism and self-interest, are the traits of success. And while men admire the quality of the first they love the produce of the second.”

- John Steinbeck, Cannery Row

Since my last post I have hiked San Bernardino peak but haven't been out as much as earlier this year. It has been great finding Raquel, her group and love of the outdoors and adventures. The other hikes have been more local and more adventurous lately which have been fun. The group also met up to do a local trail to Keller Peak fire tower and on this trip I brought Yuli along and another dog joined us well (Linus). That was a very fun hike and one I hope to repeat. The dogs behaved great and never tired.

I finally found a great gaming group and have made it a regular thing on Tuesdays. Some weeks just one game night is not enough and a friend and I join another group or just play a few hours 2 player games here. I look forward to game night as they get me through the week until I get to be with Natalia again.

I am still blessed and honored to still be working as part of the US Navy memorial detail and since last post have been honored to be part of 2 other "high profile" services. Sadly both tragic and heroes taken far too soon from us. The last one being one of the Las Vegas victims, an American hero was laid to rest. A very sad day for America.

Along with finding a game group another blessing has entered my life and I am finally again a bit more relaxed and look forward to the near future in hopes such blessings continue upon me that reflects from me onto others. A much welcomed feeling as lately I have been struggling.

August 14, 2017

2nd Grade!

Natalia started second grade last week and she is excited to be at school. I do hope second grade starts to challenge her in at least one subject as she is thus far a little advanced. She has been reading quite a bit and I am amazed at the level she reads and the speed. She has started to read the Captain Underpants series and well, this has gotten her attention to read and I am glad.

Among our other notable happenings lately has been a trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific with my parents and stuffing our face with Cuban food all day. As far as games, we have been playing Monopoly Gamer, Mole Rats in Space and Jumanji. We finally won our first game of Mole Rats in Space the other day and found Jumanji at the local thrift store.

I have been continuing to read myself and will definitely accomplish my yearly goal of 30 books. I found "Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Adventures" by Ingersoll Lockwood and read this book which is over 100 years old. Quite amazed at it but nothing universe turning. A book similar to the Wizard of Oz books but published a few years earlier. I am back to the penultimate book in the Civil War series, Savannah and looking forward to finishing this long series. Also was recommended a Star War series that continues the saga after the Battle of Endor and looking forward to reading that trilogy soon.

"Where there are no rulers, there can be no followers; where there are no followers there will be no quarreling"

- Ingersoll Lockwood, Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Adventures

I had my first "high profile" service a few weeks back. We honored a very young sailor taken from us far too soon. We honored SN Daniel Gordillo for his dedicated and courageous service and very happy to see the full support of the Patriot Guard and the Reserve Center. Among him, I continue to pay honors to many other American heroes. I hope to have the honor of being part of many more of these services with our great honor detail.

Last week it was a great pleasure and surprise to see my good friends Ed and Sherryl Correa as they made a quick stop in the area. It has been far too many years and we caught up a little. Now I have to make the plans to see my BFF out in northern Arizona soon.

July 25, 2017

Fireworks and San G

Another great 4th of July spent with Natalia, my parents and among patriots around Big Bear lake. Natalia had a great time playing around the lake for hours waiting for the show.

Decided to read another Zane Grey novel, The Last of the Plainsmen and found it a little interesting time piece but not as grabbing as the previous one I read by him. I am back to reading book 8 of the Civil War Battle Series, Shenandoah. This series I am amazed has really grabbed me and I look forward to the last 2 books. I wish I can read faster as there are so many books I have stacked up to read and more always being added to that pile. Not much comic book reading lately as I seem to have lost interest in Marvel's latest universe changing event but I am sure I will eventually finish it.

Natalia has been with me a good part of July and we have been having a great time playing and relaxing at home as she really likes to do. Last week my father had a shotgun shooting event and we went to watch and support him and Natalia shot a .22 handgun and learned how to handle it safely.

"Too much organization transforms men and woman into automata, suffocates the creative spirit and abolishes the very possibility of freedom"

- Aldous Huxley

We have been playing a bit of board games lately and as you all know this is something I enjoy as it gets the family together and teaches many skills. Lately Mole Rats in Space has been a hit as we have not won a game yet and we still enjoy playing it. Also we have been playing a little video games like Disney Infinity and Lego Dimensions together and we have a blast. I look forward to spending a few more days with Natalia this week as the month of August she will sadly not be seeing me much.

Our small hiking group invited me to join them to summit San Gorgonio peak and I got the time to join them. We left in the cover of dark and quickly made our way up the first steep slopes. For some reason I felt like speeding ahead in a hurry to make it to the top. Also started to worry about food as I started to eat much along the way and was thinking of the way back. I will say it was a challenge. The last 2kms were brutal under the sun and past the tree line in a very steep section. I do wish I had waited for the rest of the group and came down together but I was wanting to get the pain over with as the descent down was quite painful and longer than I had hoped. Overall it was a great day among great people and thank them for getting me out there and to see the whole group summit the highest peak in southern California.

Rant -- I will take a short time here to point out one of the biggest stories in the US media, being health care. It angers me that it is being referred to as health care. It is not the care but the insurance. Health care is present and available to all. The media makes it see as all health care professionals are leaving and not providing any services. What is debated is who is going to pay for this. Our president is quickly realizing the insurance companies are deeply embedded in DC and have many of our "leaders" in their pockets. Right now some say is good, but no one ever really points out the outrageous cost many are forced to pay or be penalized. It is simply un-American to force anyone to do anything. When a single person brings home say $2000 and forced to pay $1200 monthly for an insurance premium and a $10k+ deductible, that right there is the inability for that person to receive any care. That is the problem we face. The answer of many elites is that they should make more money. It has become a real split in this country of socio economic classes and the inability of our "leaders" to even see this problem. DC is more concerned in filling pockets and not us. Our president gave up his private nice lifestyle to fix many issues and he is seeing he has gotten to have to get dirty. The cleaning will take many years and we hope he at least starts to make many of us aware.

Don't forget to download the latest No Agenda Show to filter through all the lies and misinformation the mainstream media pumps out there. I can guarantee you will be a much informed, entertained and a happier person for knowing the truth from the Guardians of Reality (John & Adam). 

June 21, 2017

Still Here

I am still here and it has been a while since I posted our happenings. Natalia has finished 1st grade with awards for reading as usual and now start summer break. She will start 2nd grade soon advanced in her skills and I plan she continue to be advanced for her grade.

Among the many happenings lately are that my hiking has slowed down quite a bit but very much still enjoy going out. My bicycle riding has been non existent and I hope that changes the coming weeks into summer. Natalia had her first shooting lessons in a safety and marksmanship course in Lake Arrowhead and she enjoyed it very much. She learned to clear and load single bolt action rifle and even managed to hit the paper target a few times. Can't wait until we go out again to the range.

"Recipe For Greatness - To bear up under loss; To fight the bitterness of defeat and the weakness of grief; To be victor over anger; To smile when tears are close; To resist disease and evil men and base instincts; To hate hate and to love love; To go on when it would seen good to die; To look up with unquenchable faith in something ever more about to be. That is what any man can do, and be great."

- Zane Grey

I have been reading a bit again and to my amazement I have not touched a sci-fi or fantasy novel in a while. It has been the Civil War Battle Series, a 10 novel series and a few american history books. Currently reading a 100+ year old western classic, Riders of the Purple Sage by Zane Grey.

Boardgames continue to hit our table and we found a few ones we enjoy. Also found a small independent toy store locally that are making our routine stop to check out the many obscure and older toys. Many that I remember playing when I was little and can share that with Natalia. Last week we picked up Pick Up Sticks, a classic Natalia's grandma has been wanting to teach Natalia. Natalia has also been enjoying her bigger bucket of water every weekend and she says she prefers it better than playing in a pool. I believe this to be true.

Last weekend we celebrate a weird birthday. We celebrated the birthday of "Buddy" Natalia's teddy bear with some gifts cards and cake. Also celebrated recently was her grandpa's birthday as well as Father's Day the weekend after.

Personally I have been moving on and I am glad to see my inner self finally make the turn on a past relationship and start to move on. Not by choice but clearly was no longer wanted there. I have learned valuable lessons but hope to continue to be the way I am, the open selfless, giving person I have always been. Work if you can call it that continues to give me much inner pleasure and guidance and I pray to be able to continue to do this.

April 25, 2017

Reenlistment, Summit Attempt & Easter

Well my reenlistment went through and I will continue to serve another 6 years. Another 6 years of uncertainty of this world but one I have higher hopes for. I will now be able to continue to volunteer on the Memorial Honor Detail and honor heroes. Again I may be forced to make some changes but that is life wearing the uniform.

I continue to keep going out on hikes and a few weeks back the group invited me to hike out by Forest Falls heading on the trail up to San Gorgonio but I knew a summit attempt was not going to happen. Far too much snow which was ice in the higher elevations. steep ice walls quickly made that decision to call it a day. At higher elevations higher winds and sub zero temperatures. Crampons and possible axes were required as my snowshoes were useless today. In the end it was around a 6 hour day on the trails. I have decided to hike the Six-Pack of Peaks this year and so far I think I am behind as the snow is making the bigger hikes impossible at this time. I will try this year to summit San Gorgonio with the group as the gals really want to make this happen. My bike riding as usual is at a minimum and haven't had the pleasure to ride with the "Old Farts" and hope this is not normal. However the small group I have been going out with has been great and as usual it is about the company. 

We recently celebrated Easter and Natalia choose to go out to visit the American Girl store and spend the day out. Not our normal weekend but as always a great time with her and my parents. Now she is steering more towards dolls and those toys as before she really disliked them. Spring seems to be here after a short winter. So slowly spending more time outside and soon taking Natalia again out in the trails. 

My reading switched to a science fiction book for a bit there in The Long Mars as I want to continue this story. However I am currently continuing the Civil War Battle Series with Chancellorsville. This story flows well, great characters set in a historic rich period. I highly recommend this series. Also have been reading Brave New World Revisited and a book everyone has to read. Even the updated version strikes home as so many of the ideas written about are happening now in our faces. My other hobby has been board gaming and I recently purchased 3 games (Terraforming Mars, Saltlands and Grimslingers) that are solo playable and have enjoyed all three of them. I am surprised that Grimslingers has been a hit but a short campaign. 

Bad news this week as I was notified that a person whom I worked with for years and shared many hours has passed away. The news shocked me and drew a tear. Alfred Garcia was a man whom I shared my geeky side and military side with. He was not a veteran but was a patriot and supported with his heart. This was a man I got to know and whose kindness and good heart was visible a mile away. He made an impact on everyone he met. A man whom I felt knew the meaning of life and lived it to its fullest. A man I can clearly say will never be forgotten as he made an impact in this world.


March 22, 2017

44th Trip Around The Sun

Last week I celebrated my 44th trip around the sun and received the best gift yet. What was it? a 44 second hug from Natalia. Also celebrating was hopefully Natalia's last visit to the dentist in a while. It has been very hard for me and more for her, the many treatments she has endured. That along with some "emotional" issues that I have been going through, has been a bit hard for me the past few months. At least Natalia's dental treatments have finished. I have been finding myself in "undiscovered terrain" seeking answers for guidance, but this is something I cannot control fully. I have to realize somethings are not meant to be. One cannot "put a square peg in a circle". However I leave my heart open as I feel it is still much stronger than I imagine.

Been trying to get out to hike about two days a week for a few hours and hope that becomes a habit. Wanting to work up to 25km hikes and to learn the network of trails by the Lake Arrowhead area and hopefully as the heat arrives start to visit the Big Bear area. I managed to finally make it out for a mountain bike ride last Sunday and see some of my favorite people in this world. Again a great time and now hope I can make it much sooner for another ride.

"Experiences is merely the name men gave to their mistakes."

- Oscar Wilde

Not many games played lately and trying to keep my reading pace. Lately been reading history/fiction books. My current read is Shiloh and hope to keep interest in the whole series based in the Civil War. I introduced Natalia this past weekend to The Addams Family and we watched 2 seasons and she likes the show.

I continue to provide honors to American heroes and put in paperwork for another 6 years in the Navy and praying it all goes well. A huge sacrifice for myself as well as Natalia and even at 7 years old she does understand. This is something every service member lives with in the back of our head and something so many others cannot understand. I do know if I get called it will be for a good cause and not for a private agenda. So that alone makes it a little easier.

February 22, 2017

Enjoying Nature's Soundtrack

Valentine's Day came and went and well you can say I was blessed to spend it with Natalia and also to have found my love of nature again. Been trying to make hiking a normal routine lately going out at least once a week. Very fortunate to have found a local group that goes out regularly and learning new routes. With age I have found out it is the women that tend to be more active and get out. They kind of nicknamed themselves "The Sisters" and I find it fitting. Been getting in many hours out in the trails at good pace and having fun sweating at a good pace and rock scrambling.

Natalia had her 3rd dental appointment and it did not go well. I can guess the previous one where I was not informed until too late she suffered greatly. I have been talking with her and hope to give it another try. The alternative is very very costly. However, we have been having a great time at home playing and relaxing. She really loves relaxing and staying home. Been playing games as usual and showing her shows on TV that I grew up with. Also last week a kind designer of a card game that is part of my small board gaming group (Boardgaming With Kids) gifted us his soon to release game to play as he felt we would like it. That game has been a hit with the family.

"Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value"

- Albert Einstein

The weather has calmed down and last weekend we were expecting a massive storm. A storm touted by the news forecasters as the worse in 27 years. Well, we got a dusting. Natalia and I were prepared for the 3' forecasted. Winter is not yet over as we always are on alert until May. Until then we all enjoy this season and look forward to the next season. That is what makes living up here worth it.

"A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart"

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Been reading quite a bit lately but the last few days I can't find a book of interest. My last book was Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates. I found this a great read and a fast one. I learned much from it and the book may be a "biased" so I would love to read a little more. But it does go to show the we must learn our history as it seems to repeat itself and the sacrifice if so many would be a waste. Also read Killing Jesus and found that book very informative. To wrap it us I was back n my sci-fi with the latest Ben Bova Star Quest Trilogy, Apes and Angels novel. Now trying to read Faust and the 3rd Miss Peregrine book but not feeling it.

Well, I hope to continue with my routine and in the coming weeks hope to stabilize my "job" and continue to serve. Never easy for anyone serving as we all have over our heads the possibility f leaving for an extended amount of time into a very uncertain future. That is the sacrifice very few of us make and so many never will understand or thank is for.

February 5, 2017

Snow, Snow and Hikes

Well, about two weeks ago Old Man Winter made its appearance here and dumped over 3 feet of snow and more in parts. Natalia has been sledding everyday here and so far we have managed to go late enough to not have anyone else bother us. I also went on snowshoeing in the Keller Peak area where snow accumulations was substantial. The biggest problem has been keeping Yuli in the yard as she has been able to walk over the fence since the snowfall and not much melt off lately.

My reading has increased this month and hope to keep up the pace as it seems weekly I run across a new book I want to read. I decided to read more Ben Bova and now he is another of my favorite authors. His writings I have found smooth reading and good stories. Also started reading on my EBook as I have found more books of interest online. However now I remember why I do not prefer to read in this format, as it sucks when the battery runs out and you have to stop reading. Games have slowed down a little but this week I have a few cool games arriving. Santorini arrives this week and I truly hope it is a hit with the family. Also this week I found a local game group in Redlands I may be joining to see if we click. Sadly the local game group up here fell apart and I clicked with all the people that would show up.

"I made up my mind ... That I would be governed by certain principles and among them I decree that women should not govern me neither should my passions of lust or anger, but I would be boss over myself my passions and my appetites..."

- Brighman Young

I have recently started hiking a bit more again and found a local group and hope to make it a regular thing. I feel I need to get back to my roots (old self) and find peace in nature. Last Tuesday I decided to just plan on a hike with the group but it was canceled last moment. However, I was already at the site and decided to go out anyways. After hiking down 8kms. to Hesperia on 173 I decided to keep going and just commit myself. I was in one of those moods to test myself. In short a cold river crossing in my underwear, a long hike up PCT and lost for about 2 hours finding a trail on the map and testing my common sense skills I found 173 again thanks to the sounds of gunfire of the range nearby. Just before dark I got a sight of my car. In the end almost 30kms hiked and very tired.

Natalia was taken in for emergency dental work and I was not informed until much later. Mad, but not a thing I can do. After all I am just a father in California. It angers me Natalia has so much dental issues as the other parent has not been concerned of her brushing and now we have found ourselves here. Not much I can do but pray. I can complain but from experience find myself loosing more moey in courts over false accusations and more threats of loosing my daughter. And, I hear of fathers that do not care have more priviledges than me. Money does make the system work. Just hope the future of our country is finding itself in a slow turnaround to common sense and values. Corruption needs to be minimized as it will never go away.

"Nothing outside a man can make him 'unclean' by going into him. Rather, it is what comes out of a man that makes him 'unclean' "

My future is again uncertain as I am in the slow process of re enlisting with the US Navy and as usual worries in the back of my head of what may be happening worldwide. I shake my head to see all these "protestors" and "crybabies" lately. Why? They are not the ones putting their boots on and dealing with these problems. It is the very few Americans so many of us not pay attention to or care.

January 10, 2017

Christmas And Hopes

I am back. I will say it has been a rough few months of problems and uncertainty. No, they have not gone away but I have applied my lessons and have put those problems I can't solve away and prioritize. Overall pretty simple as Natalia always comes first.

I am still part of the regions Navy Memorial Honor Guard and still finding deep pleasure in that but as usual struggling financially. Natalia had her first dental visit with real bad news. Overall she needed extensive work as it seems she has not been brushing regularly or properly and I blame all this on her mother that has her most of the time. I feel real bad for Natalia about this. I sat through her visits to the dentist hoping that pain would be upon me but I have seen how brave my daughter is. So far all is going well a few weeks later and not much I can do on the lack of care she is given when I am not present.

My whole mind and efforts were towards Christmas, and her birthday and I will say it all went great. I brought her home after her big dental visit as to help her keep her mind away from that experience. She received a bunch of gifts from our small family and her extended family. She amazed many at her church by her list and what she wanted. She wanted a metal detector, science kit and learning books. All these items Santa Claus was able to deliver.

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think different"

The hobby of board gaming still has me intrigued and have been playing many games through this season. Wish the local gaming group was still together but that is how things go. Managed to finish my goal of reading 30 books just in time and again aim for that this coming year (already have a stack of books of interest). Have not been reading as many comic books as the costs are adding up and not very good story lines lately.

I do need to get back outdoors and to running and riding my bikes this year. I have been slowly feeling it affect my inner self. I do wish I had the money to get some skis but that will again have to wait. Just need to put on those running shoes and hot the trails. After all, time is something I have plenty of. I trade time for money and that is something some people wish they could do.

"Face your life, its pain, its pleasure, leave no path untaken."

- Neil Gaiman

I end the year still with uncertainty over my head but that is simply unavoidable as human beings. I will say I am very happy to be home, share my life with my daughter and parents and have a year if no drama, I do hope 2017 gives me some of the same. I do look forward to our new president and the changes we will see happening to our country. Changes that will definitely affect me directly. I know living in California, I am not the norm but for a president to be feared so much by politicians to me should be opening eyes as the corruption and how desperate those people are to keep things they way they are. I am surprised how so many people would rather enter WWIII and those seeking that will in no way be the ones leaving home and sacrificing but staying home in their comforts not sacrificing a thing. Even worse profiting from the sacrifice of those few. We have had almost a decade of a slow return to racism and divisiveness that has been created to profit in so many ways. A time I felt was left behind by our society but seen as so profitable by so many that it has been used. I do hope in the near future we can return to being persons and not be labeled. I do worry about the many children growing up in this time as they have been subject to so much propaganda and false information and this has been forming their minds. I do not fear so much for my daughter as half her family for sure has not fallen for these belief and tactics. I am however hopeful many Americans have seen how media has been using them to push agendas. How news are slanted and so many "reporters" spending far too much time giving their views when I personally do not care what they believe. No fact checking is done but simply opinions are give as facts. I am glad again many have woken up from this and continue to question and see this phenomenon. But you can be sure as we are already seeing, the money will never stop from determining our future. We live in a time where violence is openly used and propagated, pharmaceutical companies clearly are not in the business of cures. I feel God has given us everything we need is nature but we spend so much effort driving us away from that (just think about it. We are fined for collecting water, living non dependent of utility companies, jailed for using natural remedies provided by God). Those people chosen by us to represent us feel they are superior and have the power to do as they wish. I do hope 2017 marks the end of that world.

In 2017 I hope to continue to be with Natalia, have no drama or conflicts, Spend more time outdoors sharing the trail with good friends. I hope to continue to serve this country and be part of the Honor Guard. I hope for our country getting back to our core beliefs and start to see the many created conflicts start to come to an end. I hope to not give so much of my self to many people. And hopefully, just hopefully find love again as this past year had some highs and very lows.

November 24, 2016

Glad I'm Home

Still here, finishing a Thanksgiving day with Natalia and my parents and thanking for being able to be part of the US Navy memorial honor detail. Another big decision to make here in the next month and one I hope I am able to make. Thus far it has been very busy with services nearly daily and I am blessed to be able to do this for the families and the honor to be able to present the flag to these families.

"Memories and possibilities are even more hideous than realities."

- H.P. Lovecraft

Halloween went well with Natalia as it started that Friday and went on until Halloween Day. A small local fun house Friday and the big local town festival on Saturday. I was lucky to be invited to walk the neighborhoods close to Natalia's school with a nice group of kids and parents. It was a very "productive" night and like last year we will sit on this candy for a year. We are not big candy eaters. It worked out to end the night close to where she was staying and not too cold outside.

Natalia just last week earned a trophy as the one in her class that has read the most library books (108 books). Her Mom was impressed but not me, as she already has finished her first real chapter book (120+ pages) a few weeks back and reading another one not to mention the many more books with me here. She is advanced in reading and math and has great interest in science.

My grandmother (Natalia's great grandmother) has left for Puerto Rico abut two weeks ago as she was here for a few months. I do hope to see her again and she come again for a few months as it has been happening.

Playing games again and reading hoping to accomplish my reading goal this year, but it looks like I will come up short this year for the first time. Slowly reading the last of the Drizzt novels and in a way trying to get through them before the year is over but inside hoping to drag them out. So I may just jump to another book in the between. Not much comic book reading as I really haven't been dragged into any story lines and the costs were starting to add up. Been playing a few games and waiting for a few more from Santa. Natalia loves playing them with me and I with her as I can see her learning from them so much.

I really don't want to make much of any comments on politics but I will say I was relieved and not surprised that America woke up and wanted a change. We want our country back and our belief system. It kind of angers me those protesting that just days before seemed so docile and peaceful. I know those people were not going to join any branch of service and fight Hillary's wars (Not America's wars). These people would simply sit in their couches again content with corruption and having our live and country sold off. It is me that has to say good bye to my daughter and deal with these problems. One thing many of us have learned is the media cannot be trusted and those that accuse others of something are guilty of doing that which they accuse.

Now we move on towards Christmas and the winter season and waiting for snow as it has yet to make its appearance in town.