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I am Natalia's daddy! My latest happenings as well as my lil' girls happenings will be posted here as I live them.

I like to read science fiction, fantasy as well as classics and comics. Always looking for recommendations. Like to play video games and board games. Love to watch old movies and shows, as I find them relaxing and entertaining. Last but not least. like to feed the birds and do some gardening.

Proud to be a US Navy Corpsman veteran and part of the Southwest Region Funeral Honor Guard. Served in OEF attached to EMF Great Lakes, OHSU (EMF) Camp Pendleton Delta Detachment and now Volunteer Training Unit 1910

" . . . and on the 8th day the Lord created the Corpsman and the Devil stood at attention."

"In proportion as he simplifies his life, the laws of the universe will appear less complex . . ."

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"Courage is being scared to death...and saddling up anyway."

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August 15, 2016

1st Grade, Games and Hitting the Dirt

It has been a while and again slow changes for me and I will say life is always interesting to see where it leads me to. Natalia started 1st grade last week and that is very exciting to see her grow and be her father to raise her and teach her and share life with her.

Still paying honors to heroes and I find this still very good to do for me spiritually. Everyday I wake up now wanting to do this honor. I was already approached to maybe take over the coordination as lead Petty Officer for next year and something to think about.

"To be bitter is to attribute intent and personality to the formless, infinite, unchanging and unchangeable void. We drift on a chartless, resistless sea, let us sing when we can and forget the rest."

- H.P. Lovecraft

A few weeks ago I decided to finally take the drive out to Holcomb Valley to see the Gold Fever Trail and it was very nice and relaxing. Well, relaxing once I got to the fire roads, as I managed to take a technical trail worrying me a little of getting stuck or rolled over. Overall it was a great outing ad one I reccomend. My next trip will be down to Pioneertown. Also managed to go for a mountain bike ride twice a few weeks back and that was much needed for my soul. I am very lucky to still have around a few of the people I have grown to like to ride with.

I have decided to re read the classic DragonLance series with its first book, Dragons of Autumn Twilight. This is a real classic that triggered hundreds of similar stories and worlds. That book brought back good memories. Now I moved on to an older story in The Land That Time Forgot. Reading has been slow and hope to find a few captivating books soon. As far as TV, not much as usual but did get hooked in Stranger Things and binged watch all of it and really liked the story.

Natalia and I have been playing a few new games and having fun. Natalia has been liking Trekking the National Parks and we have been playing that every weekend along with Survive! and the new expansion with the Squids. Myself  have been playing a few games as well and bought a few more games this week (bad habit). Runebound spent a week on my table and now Specter Ops with a solo app (BoardBuddys) and soon Mansions of Madness I am sure will take up much of my time.

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