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January 10, 2017

Christmas And Hopes

I am back. I will say it has been a rough few months of problems and uncertainty. No, they have not gone away but I have applied my lessons and have put those problems I can't solve away and prioritize. Overall pretty simple as Natalia always comes first.

I am still part of the regions Navy Memorial Honor Guard and still finding deep pleasure in that but as usual struggling financially. Natalia had her first dental visit with real bad news. Overall she needed extensive work as it seems she has not been brushing regularly or properly and I blame all this on her mother that has her most of the time. I feel real bad for Natalia about this. I sat through her visits to the dentist hoping that pain would be upon me but I have seen how brave my daughter is. So far all is going well a few weeks later and not much I can do on the lack of care she is given when I am not present.

My whole mind and efforts were towards Christmas, and her birthday and I will say it all went great. I brought her home after her big dental visit as to help her keep her mind away from that experience. She received a bunch of gifts from our small family and her extended family. She amazed many at her church by her list and what she wanted. She wanted a metal detector, science kit and learning books. All these items Santa Claus was able to deliver.

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think different"

The hobby of board gaming still has me intrigued and have been playing many games through this season. Wish the local gaming group was still together but that is how things go. Managed to finish my goal of reading 30 books just in time and again aim for that this coming year (already have a stack of books of interest). Have not been reading as many comic books as the costs are adding up and not very good story lines lately.

I do need to get back outdoors and to running and riding my bikes this year. I have been slowly feeling it affect my inner self. I do wish I had the money to get some skis but that will again have to wait. Just need to put on those running shoes and hot the trails. After all, time is something I have plenty of. I trade time for money and that is something some people wish they could do.

"Face your life, its pain, its pleasure, leave no path untaken."

- Neil Gaiman

I end the year still with uncertainty over my head but that is simply unavoidable as human beings. I will say I am very happy to be home, share my life with my daughter and parents and have a year if no drama, I do hope 2017 gives me some of the same. I do look forward to our new president and the changes we will see happening to our country. Changes that will definitely affect me directly. I know living in California, I am not the norm but for a president to be feared so much by politicians to me should be opening eyes as the corruption and how desperate those people are to keep things they way they are. I am surprised how so many people would rather enter WWIII and those seeking that will in no way be the ones leaving home and sacrificing but staying home in their comforts not sacrificing a thing. Even worse profiting from the sacrifice of those few. We have had almost a decade of a slow return to racism and divisiveness that has been created to profit in so many ways. A time I felt was left behind by our society but seen as so profitable by so many that it has been used. I do hope in the near future we can return to being persons and not be labeled. I do worry about the many children growing up in this time as they have been subject to so much propaganda and false information and this has been forming their minds. I do not fear so much for my daughter as half her family for sure has not fallen for these belief and tactics. I am however hopeful many Americans have seen how media has been using them to push agendas. How news are slanted and so many "reporters" spending far too much time giving their views when I personally do not care what they believe. No fact checking is done but simply opinions are give as facts. I am glad again many have woken up from this and continue to question and see this phenomenon. But you can be sure as we are already seeing, the money will never stop from determining our future. We live in a time where violence is openly used and propagated, pharmaceutical companies clearly are not in the business of cures. I feel God has given us everything we need is nature but we spend so much effort driving us away from that (just think about it. We are fined for collecting water, living non dependent of utility companies, jailed for using natural remedies provided by God). Those people chosen by us to represent us feel they are superior and have the power to do as they wish. I do hope 2017 marks the end of that world.

In 2017 I hope to continue to be with Natalia, have no drama or conflicts, Spend more time outdoors sharing the trail with good friends. I hope to continue to serve this country and be part of the Honor Guard. I hope for our country getting back to our core beliefs and start to see the many created conflicts start to come to an end. I hope to not give so much of my self to many people. And hopefully, just hopefully find love again as this past year had some highs and very lows.

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