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I am Natalia's daddy! My latest happenings as well as my lil' girls happenings will be posted here as I live them.

I like to read science fiction, fantasy as well as classics and comics. Always looking for recommendations. Like to play video games and board games. Love to watch old movies and shows, as I find them relaxing and entertaining. Last but not least. like to feed the birds and do some gardening.

Proud to be a US Navy Corpsman veteran and part of the Southwest Region Funeral Honor Guard. Served in OEF attached to EMF Great Lakes, OHSU (EMF) Camp Pendleton Delta Detachment and now Volunteer Training Unit 1910

" . . . and on the 8th day the Lord created the Corpsman and the Devil stood at attention."

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February 22, 2017

Enjoying Nature's Soundtrack

Valentine's Day came and went and well you can say I was blessed to spend it with Natalia and also to have found my love of nature again. Been trying to make hiking a normal routine lately going out at least once a week. Very fortunate to have found a local group that goes out regularly and learning new routes. With age I have found out it is the women that tend to be more active and get out. They kind of nicknamed themselves "The Sisters" and I find it fitting. Been getting in many hours out in the trails at good pace and having fun sweating at a good pace and rock scrambling.

Natalia had her 3rd dental appointment and it did not go well. I can guess the previous one where I was not informed until too late she suffered greatly. I have been talking with her and hope to give it another try. The alternative is very very costly. However, we have been having a great time at home playing and relaxing. She really loves relaxing and staying home. Been playing games as usual and showing her shows on TV that I grew up with. Also last week a kind designer of a card game that is part of my small board gaming group (Boardgaming With Kids) gifted us his soon to release game to play as he felt we would like it. That game has been a hit with the family.

"Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value"

- Albert Einstein

The weather has calmed down and last weekend we were expecting a massive storm. A storm touted by the news forecasters as the worse in 27 years. Well, we got a dusting. Natalia and I were prepared for the 3' forecasted. Winter is not yet over as we always are on alert until May. Until then we all enjoy this season and look forward to the next season. That is what makes living up here worth it.

"A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart"

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Been reading quite a bit lately but the last few days I can't find a book of interest. My last book was Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates. I found this a great read and a fast one. I learned much from it and the book may be a "biased" so I would love to read a little more. But it does go to show the we must learn our history as it seems to repeat itself and the sacrifice if so many would be a waste. Also read Killing Jesus and found that book very informative. To wrap it us I was back n my sci-fi with the latest Ben Bova Star Quest Trilogy, Apes and Angels novel. Now trying to read Faust and the 3rd Miss Peregrine book but not feeling it.

Well, I hope to continue with my routine and in the coming weeks hope to stabilize my "job" and continue to serve. Never easy for anyone serving as we all have over our heads the possibility f leaving for an extended amount of time into a very uncertain future. That is the sacrifice very few of us make and so many never will understand or thank is for.

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