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I am Natalia's daddy! My latest happenings as well as my lil' girls happenings will be posted here as I live them.

I like to read science fiction, fantasy as well as classics and comics. Always looking for recommendations. Like to play video games and board games. Love to watch old movies and shows, as I find them relaxing and entertaining. Last but not least. like to feed the birds and do some gardening.

Proud to be a US Navy Corpsman veteran and part of the Southwest Region Funeral Honor Guard. Served in OEF attached to EMF Great Lakes, OHSU (EMF) Camp Pendleton Delta Detachment and now Volunteer Training Unit 1910

" . . . and on the 8th day the Lord created the Corpsman and the Devil stood at attention."

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April 25, 2017

Reenlistment, Summit Attempt & Easter

Well my reenlistment went through and I will continue to serve another 6 years. Another 6 years of uncertainty of this world but one I have higher hopes for. I will now be able to continue to volunteer on the Memorial Honor Detail and honor heroes. Again I may be forced to make some changes but that is life wearing the uniform.

I continue to keep going out on hikes and a few weeks back the group invited me to hike out by Forest Falls heading on the trail up to San Gorgonio but I knew a summit attempt was not going to happen. Far too much snow which was ice in the higher elevations. steep ice walls quickly made that decision to call it a day. At higher elevations higher winds and sub zero temperatures. Crampons and possible axes were required as my snowshoes were useless today. In the end it was around a 6 hour day on the trails. I have decided to hike the Six-Pack of Peaks this year and so far I think I am behind as the snow is making the bigger hikes impossible at this time. I will try this year to summit San Gorgonio with the group as the gals really want to make this happen. My bike riding as usual is at a minimum and haven't had the pleasure to ride with the "Old Farts" and hope this is not normal. However the small group I have been going out with has been great and as usual it is about the company. 

We recently celebrated Easter and Natalia choose to go out to visit the American Girl store and spend the day out. Not our normal weekend but as always a great time with her and my parents. Now she is steering more towards dolls and those toys as before she really disliked them. Spring seems to be here after a short winter. So slowly spending more time outside and soon taking Natalia again out in the trails. 

My reading switched to a science fiction book for a bit there in The Long Mars as I want to continue this story. However I am currently continuing the Civil War Battle Series with Chancellorsville. This story flows well, great characters set in a historic rich period. I highly recommend this series. Also have been reading Brave New World Revisited and a book everyone has to read. Even the updated version strikes home as so many of the ideas written about are happening now in our faces. My other hobby has been board gaming and I recently purchased 3 games (Terraforming Mars, Saltlands and Grimslingers) that are solo playable and have enjoyed all three of them. I am surprised that Grimslingers has been a hit but a short campaign. 

Bad news this week as I was notified that a person whom I worked with for years and shared many hours has passed away. The news shocked me and drew a tear. Alfred Garcia was a man whom I shared my geeky side and military side with. He was not a veteran but was a patriot and supported with his heart. This was a man I got to know and whose kindness and good heart was visible a mile away. He made an impact on everyone he met. A man whom I felt knew the meaning of life and lived it to its fullest. A man I can clearly say will never be forgotten as he made an impact in this world.


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