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I am Natalia's daddy! My latest happenings as well as my lil' girls happenings will be posted here as I live them.

I like to read science fiction, fantasy as well as classics and comics. Always looking for recommendations. Like to play video games and board games. Love to watch old movies and shows, as I find them relaxing and entertaining. Last but not least. like to feed the birds and do some gardening.

Proud to be a US Navy Corpsman veteran and part of the Southwest Region Funeral Honor Guard. Served in OEF attached to EMF Great Lakes, OHSU (EMF) Camp Pendleton Delta Detachment and now Volunteer Training Unit 1910

" . . . and on the 8th day the Lord created the Corpsman and the Devil stood at attention."

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July 25, 2017

Fireworks and San G

Another great 4th of July spent with Natalia, my parents and among patriots around Big Bear lake. Natalia had a great time playing around the lake for hours waiting for the show.

Decided to read another Zane Grey novel, The Last of the Plainsmen and found it a little interesting time piece but not as grabbing as the previous one I read by him. I am back to reading book 8 of the Civil War Battle Series, Shenandoah. This series I am amazed has really grabbed me and I look forward to the last 2 books. I wish I can read faster as there are so many books I have stacked up to read and more always being added to that pile. Not much comic book reading lately as I seem to have lost interest in Marvel's latest universe changing event but I am sure I will eventually finish it.

Natalia has been with me a good part of July and we have been having a great time playing and relaxing at home as she really likes to do. Last week my father had a shotgun shooting event and we went to watch and support him and Natalia shot a .22 handgun and learned how to handle it safely.

"Too much organization transforms men and woman into automata, suffocates the creative spirit and abolishes the very possibility of freedom"

- Aldous Huxley

We have been playing a bit of board games lately and as you all know this is something I enjoy as it gets the family together and teaches many skills. Lately Mole Rats in Space has been a hit as we have not won a game yet and we still enjoy playing it. Also we have been playing a little video games like Disney Infinity and Lego Dimensions together and we have a blast. I look forward to spending a few more days with Natalia this week as the month of August she will sadly not be seeing me much.

Our small hiking group invited me to join them to summit San Gorgonio peak and I got the time to join them. We left in the cover of dark and quickly made our way up the first steep slopes. For some reason I felt like speeding ahead in a hurry to make it to the top. Also started to worry about food as I started to eat much along the way and was thinking of the way back. I will say it was a challenge. The last 2kms were brutal under the sun and past the tree line in a very steep section. I do wish I had waited for the rest of the group and came down together but I was wanting to get the pain over with as the descent down was quite painful and longer than I had hoped. Overall it was a great day among great people and thank them for getting me out there and to see the whole group summit the highest peak in southern California.

Rant -- I will take a short time here to point out one of the biggest stories in the US media, being health care. It angers me that it is being referred to as health care. It is not the care but the insurance. Health care is present and available to all. The media makes it see as all health care professionals are leaving and not providing any services. What is debated is who is going to pay for this. Our president is quickly realizing the insurance companies are deeply embedded in DC and have many of our "leaders" in their pockets. Right now some say is good, but no one ever really points out the outrageous cost many are forced to pay or be penalized. It is simply un-American to force anyone to do anything. When a single person brings home say $2000 and forced to pay $1200 monthly for an insurance premium and a $10k+ deductible, that right there is the inability for that person to receive any care. That is the problem we face. The answer of many elites is that they should make more money. It has become a real split in this country of socio economic classes and the inability of our "leaders" to even see this problem. DC is more concerned in filling pockets and not us. Our president gave up his private nice lifestyle to fix many issues and he is seeing he has gotten to have to get dirty. The cleaning will take many years and we hope he at least starts to make many of us aware.

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